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How to become a Threads ghostwriter

Learn how to become a ghostwriter on Threads, make money, and become a better writer.

Sep 21, 2023

How to become a Threads ghostwriter
There is a huge opportunity on Threads to grow and make money. The problem most creators, brands, entrepeneurs face?
They’re (extremely) busy.
This means they don’t have enough time to plan, write, schedule their content. So they usually rely on outsourcing this to someone. That someone could be you.
Ghostwriting can be an extremely profitable endeavor if you know how to do it. In this guide we’ll show you what you need to become a successful ghostwriter on Threads (even if you’re just starting out)
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What is a ghostwriter?

Ghostwriters are professional writers who get hired by other people to write content for them.
They are called “ghosts” because other people don’t know someone else is writing content for that account. Meaning you appear to be writing as if you were your client, directly from his/her account.
It may sound shady at first, but a lot of accounts do it (more than you’d imagine). And as long as you’re producing valuable content, no one really cares.
There are a lot of good reasons that’d make you consider becoming a ghostwriter, here are some:
  • It’s profitable: Usually people who hire ghostwriters have already a profitable business, brand, network, etc. And they hire ghostwriters to save time, therefore they are willing to pay good money for a quality ghostwriter.
  • You become better while getting paid: The more you write, the better you become at it. As simple as that.
  • You have multiple clients at once: This ties with the profitable part, you can write content for multiple clients, as long as you know how to manage your time and write quality content, the sky’s the limit.

How to become a Threads ghostwriter

It’s not as hard as you may think to become a ghostwriter, as long as you can write engaging and quality content for many topics, you can become one. You need:
  • Good writing skills
  • A way to get clients
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How to get clients

If you have no clients, there’s no point right?
The first thing you need to do to get clients, is have your own Threads profile to prove that you know what you’re doing. Your Threads account is your presentation card so make sure you have a good profile.
Be consistent by posting valuable content for your target audience, that will put you as an authority and people will come to you if they like what they see.
To increase your chances, make sure you use things like Auto-plugs, which are you posting your offer in the first comment of your successful Threads, that way you’ll get more exposure. You can use Threads Maestro to do this.

Tips to become a better ghostwriter

Follow this tips to ensure you excel at becoming a Threads ghostwriter

1 - Pick a Niche

You’ve heard it before, riches are in the niches. And it holds true in the ghostwriting business.
After all, you’re going to be writing for someone else about a specific topic. So if you niche down in a specific topic (eCommerce for example). It’ll be easier to acquire clients in that niche as they’ll see you have expertise on the topic they want you to write about.

2 - Understand how Threads works

To become a successful Threads ghostwriter, it's important to have a deep understanding of the platform and its features. Spend time exploring Threads and familiarizing yourself with the different types of content that are popular on the platform. This will help you create content that resonates with Threads users and increases your chances of success.

3 - Create systems for content creation

Creating high-quality content on a consistent basis is key to becoming a successful Threads ghostwriter. To make this process easier, consider creating systems for content creation.
This could include creating an editorial calendar, brainstorming topics in advance, and using templates to streamline your content creation process.

4 - Be discreet

Remember you are writing for someone else, but their followers don’t know it. So never reveal for who you are working for.
It's also important to avoid sharing any details about your work as a ghostwriter on social media or other public platforms. For example don’t share case studies.

5 - Stay consistent

Consistency is key when it comes to building a successful career as a Threads ghostwriter. Make sure you're consistently producing high-quality content, meeting deadlines, and communicating effectively with your clients. This will help you build a strong reputation and increase your chances of securing future work.

6 - Use growth tools

To maximize your success as a Threads ghostwriter, consider using growth tools to help you increase your reach and engagement on the platform.
Ensure you can manage multiple accounts, manage content, collaborate, and schedule content so it makes your life and work easier for you.
One tool you can use is Threads Maestro, which allows you to manage and collaborate several accounts so you can have your clients in one simple view.

Time for you to succeed!

Threads ghostwriting is not only a profitable job, but it’s also a great chance to improve your writing skills. It is also a very good way to make money with Threads.
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