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Threads App Guide How to Get Started and Master the Features

In this comprehensive guide you’ll learn how to get started with the new Instagram’s Twitter-like app, Threads, And how to master it so you can grow your account

Aug 15, 2023

Threads App Guide How to Get Started and Master the Features


Threads, the new microblogging app developed by the team behind Instagram, offers a Twitter-like experience and allows seamless integration with your existing Instagram account. In this guide, we'll walk you through the installation process, account setup, and how to use the app effectively. Additionally, we'll provide some useful tips and tricks to enhance your Threads experience. Let's get started!
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How to Install Threads

You can download Threads from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. However, due to similar app names, finding the right Threads app may require some attention. Look for the official Meta microblogging app developed by the Instagram team to ensure you download the correct one.

How to Sign in to Threads and Set Up Your Account

Once you've installed Threads, open the app, and log in with your Instagram account.
Next, you have the option to set your Threads account as Public or Private. A Private profile allows only approved followers to view and interact with your posts. Keep in mind that your choice on Threads won't affect your Instagram profile, allowing you to have different privacy settings for each app.

How to Use Threads

Upon entering Threads, you'll encounter a familiar Twitter-like feed. It will display posts from the accounts you follow, along with popular content, including text, images, and videos. Key features such as quote tweets and reposts are also available in Threads.
To create a new post, tap the central Post icon. The app imposes a 500-character limit, and the Post button becomes inactive if you exceed it. You can also attach photos or videos to your post using the Paper Clip icon.

How to Interact with Posts on Threads

Each post in Threads has four recognizable icons below it. The Heart icon lets you like a post, the Speech Bubble icon enables you to reply, and the Double Arrow icon allows for reposting or quoting a post.
The unique feature is the Paper Plane icon, which lets you add a post to your Instagram story or directly to your Instagram feed. This highlights the close integration between Threads and Instagram, as Meta aims to attract a broad audience from its one billion plus Instagram users.
You can also copy a post link or share it via various sharing options on your phone.

Threads Tips and Tricks

Customizing Your Feed Threads offers two feed options: "For You" and "Following." The "For You" feed displays a mix of posts from accounts you follow and content suggested by Threads algorithms. The "Following" feed presents a chronological list of posts from the accounts you follow. To switch between feeds, tap the Home icon or the @ symbol at the top of the screen and select your desired feed.
Repopulating Your Feed If you find the posts in your feed uninteresting, you can refresh it by swiping down on the feed screen. This action will update your feed with a new set of posts.
Following Accounts Directly from Your Feed When you come across a post from an account you want to follow, tap on the profile icon next to the post and select Follow. The profile icons have a plus sign overlay to clearly indicate this feature.
Searching by Keyword Currently, Threads lacks a keyword search feature, similar to Twitter's way of filtering posts. However, this feature may be in development along with hashtags or a unique Threads alternative.
Privacy Settings Threads offers various privacy settings to manage your account. On a post, you can tap the Three Dots icon to limit who can reply to it (your followers, profiles you follow, or only people mentioned in the post). On the profile page, tapping the Menu icon gives you access to Privacy settings. Here, you can set your profile to private, control who can mention you in posts, mute profiles, and add hidden words to prevent certain posts from showing up in your feed. For blocking profiles entirely, use the Instagram app, as the block will apply to both apps.

Threads Privacy Concerns

While Threads offers privacy options to manage interactions with other users, it's essential to understand that Meta collects various data linked to your identity. The data includes search and browsing history, financial information, location, and contact information. Furthermore, sensitive information, such as ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, and biometric data, may also be collected and linked to your identity. Keep in mind that using free apps often involves trading some privacy for the service.

How to Grow on Threads

Growing an account in Threads doesn't differ much from growing an account in other social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. You need to be active, consistently posting and replying, and ensuring you post valuable content.
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Manage and schedule your Threads posts easily in one view
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